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News from SaddleBrooke One Golf

  • Welcome to SaddleBrooke One Golf

    Nestled against the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, SaddleBrooke One provides residents and guests with 27 holes of park land style golf featuring undulating fairways and tall native trees. There are three courses: SaddleBrooke, Tucson and Catalina, which may be played in any combination to create a unique golf experience.

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  • Golf Leagues

    We offer several leagues at SaddleBrooke One. Year round, each league runs a weekly event. Our ladies league day is on Tuesday and our men’s league day is on Wednesday. In addition to leagues, we run approximately six couples golf events per season, 10-15 Golf Shop events (including special holiday events), each with the emphasis on camaraderie, social, and competitive fun.

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  • Meet the Golf Pros

    Residents of SaddleBrooke One, SaddleBrooke Two and SaddleBrooke Ranch are eligible to receive private instruction from our PGA member golf professionals. If you would like to take a lesson or would like a consultation, click on the link for the professional of your choice.

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  • Ball Mark Repair - It's Everyone's Responsibility

    Repairing ball marks is the responsibility of every golfer, every round. Properly repairing a ball mark is important for quick recovery of the turf and limited disruption to the putting surface. Here are some tips when you repair your ball marks and hopefully at least one other one on each green:

    1. Push your ball mark back to the center. DO NOT lift or twist the turf.

    2. Only use 1/2" to 3/4" of the prongs on the repair tool. Use your forefinger as a depth gauge and your thumb to provide the pushing action.

    3. Push the ball mark from the back first. The back of the ball mark will have the most turf displacement.

    4. Push the ball mark from both sides.

    5. Your putter or your foot can be used to smooth the ball mark after the turf has been properly repaired, not before.

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