The SaddleBrooke Nine

Recently renovated in 2010, the SaddleBrooke Nine offers westward views of spectacular sunsets. This course is characterized not by length but rather by placing a premium on accuracy as is evidence by the signature hole #2 – only 125 yards in length requiring all carry over a pond. The SaddleBrooke Nine is the most requested nine for its fair yet challenging layout.

Course of Play

Hole 1

A gentle dog leg left, the first hole has a deceptively large green. Make sure to factor in the slight uphill into your club selection.


Hole 2

The signature hole on the SaddleBrooke Course, hole #2 plays 110 to 140 yards depending on pin position. Carry the water, but be certain to avoid the two bunker guarding the back portion of the green.


Hole 3

The first par 5 on the course, hole #3 is a straight forward tee shot. The fairway does slope from left to right. Try to avoid the bunkers on the left.


Hole 4

A medium length par 4, this hole requires a 200 yard carry over a ridge in the middle of the fairway. Carry the ridge and you will be rewarded with a short iron into a sloping green from left to right.


Hole 5

A downhill par 4, either a driver, fairway wood or hybrid off the tee will leave players with a short iron into an elevated green. When the pin is in the front of the green pay close attention to the false front.

Hole 6

Club selection is critical on this medium length, uphill par 3. The green is over 40 yards in depth with a mound on the right side that causes shots to move hard left. Try to stay short of the pin on this hole.


Hole 7

The longest par 4 on this course, number 7 plays uphill all the way to a green guarded by a false front and a severely sloping green. Par is an excellent score on this hole.


Hole 8

A downhill par 4, the landing area is hidden by a mound at the start of the fairway. While requiring only a fairway wood or hybrid off the tee, there is out of bounds left and the fairway slopes dramatically from left to right leaving players with short iron into a green which slopes from left to right and front to back. This can be a good birdie opportunity.


Hole 9

A downhill par 5 closes out the SaddleBrooke Course. Long hitters will rejoice in an easy birdie opportunity. Take note of pin location as this relatively flat green is over 40 yards in depth.


Course Play Map

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