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Fly over all 27 holes above our three courses. Check out the videos below for a bird's-eye view of SaddleBrooke.

The Tucson Nine

The Tucson Course is widely acknowledged as the most challenging among the three courses at SaddleBrooke One. Its difficulty stems from its considerable length, deep bunkering, and small yet undulating putting surfaces. Despite the challenges, players are rewarded with breathtaking views of the Catalina Mountains on every hole, providing a scenic distraction from the task at hand.

The SaddleBrooke Nine

The SaddleBrooke Course extends westward from the clubhouse, presenting breathtaking sunset views. Its distinctive features include a focus on accuracy over length and subtle undulations on the greens. The signature second hole, serving as the backdrop to the community entrance, requires a dramatic 125-yard carry over a lake. As the original course on the property, it is frequently sought after for its fair yet challenging layout.

The Catalina Nine

The Catalina Course stands as the most recent addition among the three courses at SaddleBrooke One. Spanning both sides of a natural arroyo to the south of the practice green, the course offers golfers close-up views of the Catalina Mountains, with the Tucson valley visible in the distance. Noteworthy features include three challenging par-three holes of varying lengths, contributing to a par of thirty-five.

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Weekly News From the Fairways

News From the Fairways


June 7, 2024

Transition is Underway

The golf maintenance team continues to focus on giving the Bermuda grass the upper hand over the Rye grass. This is becoming more visible around the golf courses and will continue with the warmer temperatures. All of the Bermuda grass is not going to green up at the same time, so as we lose Rye grass the courses will not be as visually appealing. The golf maintenance team has already identified some areas that are not going to recover from the over-seed. The team plans to start laying sod in these areas towards the end of next week. Below is a picture with a couple of examples of the areas the golf maintenance team will be working on next week.

Roped/Staked Off Areas

The maintenance staff will be limiting cart traffic in certain areas around the golf course in order to give the turf relief from cart traffic in these areas. These areas will be roped or staked off. Please follow the directional signs and use the exit gates. It makes it tough for the turf to recover and establish if we continue to get cart traffic in these areas.

2024 Fall/Summer Cart Rules
In Effect 
Cart Traffic Update
  • Entry gates will be suspended.
  • Exit gates will remain.
  • All carts have access to the rough.
  • Only 2 carts allowed on the turf at one time, switching carts throughout the hole is allowed.
  • Carts exiting the turf near the green must use the exit gates.
  • "No Cart Zones" will remain in place. (Designated by yellow line.)
  • Some holes may be closed to some or all traffic.
  • Please follow all posted signage.
  • Cart restrictions or based on playability and turf conditions.
  • Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
2024 Summer/Fall Cart Rules
Summer Course Closures

We are just over a week away from the next round of summer course closures. Please check the schedule to know the closure dates.

Summer 2024 Course Closure Schedule

Catalina #1 Drainage Project

Temporary "No Play" Penalty Area In Place!

Rockridge construction continues working on the reset of the drainage down the left side of Catalina #1. There is fencing up separating the construction area and the golf courseFor your safety do not enter the fenced off area as it is a construction zone. If your ball goes into the construction zone it is gone, for your safety do not enter to look for your ball. The penalty area has been temporarily marked as a "No Play" Penalty Area. This is red stakes with green tops. Timeline for completion of this project is the middle of June.

Rockridge construction completed the third pour of shotcrete this week.

Remember to do Your Part
Divot Mix Update
Sand Mix
  • Available at the start of each course and by the bathrooms on each course.
  • Should be used to fill divots in the tees, fairways, and rough.
  • Remember to carry your divot bottle with you to the fairway.
How to Repair Ball Marks Video
Ball mark repair tools come in all shapes and sizes. While almost any pointed object can be used to repair a ball marks. To repair a ball mark correctly requires the right technique. Fortunately, the correct technique is so simple that it can be explained by this video in less than two minutes. Click on the picture to watch the video.
No Cart Zone Reminder
Example of "No Cart Zone" on Catalina #1

"No Cart Zones" are in effect on all courses open to cart traffic 
All cart traffic is restricted in these areas. These areas will provide a visual yellow line that should not be crossed by any golf cart, including "Medical Flag Carts". This system will improve course safety and course conditioning.


  • A yellow line will designate the "NO CART ZONE" on each hole

  • The gates must still be used by all carts.

  • Fairway cart signs should still be used as the proper location to exit the fairway and return to the cart path.

  • Sad #2, Cat #5, Cat #6, and Cat #8 will not have lines due to limited space and/or steep slopes. All carts should remain on the path when around these specific green complexes or holes if it is a par 3.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to improve golf course safety and enhance course conditioning.
Summer Walking Hours
Before 7:00 am
After 6:00 pm

For your safety please follow all posted signage.

Golfers always have the right of way

  • Please walk on the paths, do not walk down fairways or across greens.
  •  All pets must be on a leash
  • Please clean up after your pets, the trash cans on the golf course are not to be used to dispose of pet waste.
  • Please refer to the weekly walking schedule for additional course availability.
Weekly Walking Schedule
Practice Facility Update
Practice from the grass is based on turf conditions. The Practice Facility will close every Monday and Wednesday from 9:00am to 10:30am for maintenance. This includes the short game area.

Maintenance Hours:

Monday 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Wednesday 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Golf Shop | 520-825-2505

Summer Golf Shop Hours: 6:30am - 3:00pm

Tee Times Start @ 7:00 AM

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