Tom Carr Hole in One

We would like to congratulate Tom Carr for his Hole in One on Wednesday, April 19. Tom used a Pitching Wedge to Ace Catalina #6. Congratulations Tom!

Golf Goes to the Birds

The Golf Maintenance Team is in the process of installing several dozen birdhouses in various locations on the courses.  These houses are designed to attract several native bird species that have shown decline in recent years.  Funding for this project was provided by individual members of the SaddleBrooke Women’s Golf Association.  The houses were constructed by resident volunteers, Dave Leary and Jim Cloer.  Special thanks to them for their hard work and enthusiasm for this project.

Here are some facts regarding this project:

  • The houses are designed to attract various species of Wren, Flycatcher, and Warbler
  • The houses will be located in interior portions of all 3 courses
  • The houses will be mounted to trees 8’-10’ off the ground
  • The houses will provide a nesting location and will not contain food

Thank you to Sheila Clarkin, Jim Cloer, Dave Leary, and the SBWGA for their help with this project.

Terry Parrott Hole In One

We would like to congratulate Terry Parrott for making a Hole in One on Friday, April 7. Terry used a Lob Wedge to Ace Catalina #6. Congratulations Terry!

John Pavlak Hole In One

We would like to congratulate John Pavlak for making a Hole in One on Saturday, April 1st = NO JOKE! John used a 7 iron to Ace SaddleBrooke #6 during the 2nd round of the SMGA Club Championship. Congratulations John!

Vince Ryan and Dave Schliepsiek Hole in One

We would like to congratulate resident Vince Ryan for making a Hole in One on Tucson #8 on Thursday, March 23 AND we would like to congratulate resident Dave Schliepsiek for making a Hole in One on Catalina #6 on Saturday, March 25.

Arial course videos available online

For the first time, you can fly over all 27 holes above our three courses. Check out the videos below for a bird's-eye view of SaddleBrooke.

The Tucson Nine

Recently renovated in 2011, the Tucson Nine is regarded as the most challenging of the three courses in SaddleBrooke. The course offers stunning views of the Catalina Mountain range from every hole. This nine is highlighted by hole #4, a strong par 4 requiring a tee shot over a pond to a sloping fairway with gorgeous mountain views in the background. The course challenge lies in the deep bunkers which await an errant shot and the length of the course.

The SaddleBrooke Nine

Recently renovated in 2010, the SaddleBrooke Nine offers westward views of spectacular sunsets. This course is characterized not by length but rather by placing a premium on accuracy as is evidence by the signature hole #2 – only 125 yards in length requiring all carry over a pond. The SaddleBrooke Nine is the most requested nine for its fair yet challenging layout.

The Catalina Nine

The newest of all three nines, the Catalina course was recently renovated in 2012. The course features three par 3 holes and plays to a par of 35. The course wanders through natural arroyos and brings the golfer close up views of the Catalina Mountain range. The signature hole #5 is a risk-reward par 5 featuring a second shot which must carry 250 yards to clear the ditch in the fairway. The Catalina Nine offers a wide variety of golf shots and is regarded among residents as the best layout of the three courses.

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Information for the SaddleBrooke Golfer!
July 11, 2017
Bernie Eaton, Director of Golf

News & Notes



Like most brands, Ping try to get the CG (center of gravity) of their drivers as low and far back as they can to make them as forgiving as possible and so far they are the most successful at doing this according to most of the stats I see.

The easy way for me to review the Ping G400 driver is to say that they have managed to go deeper and lower again, but of course there is more to it than that.

Ping G400 Driver

To get the CG lower and back you need to take out weight above where the ball impacts the face and they have done this in part by reducing the crown to 0.43mm at its thinnest points.

This is in between the ribs of the Dragonfly design crown that now has an 'Infinity Edge' to it as the rim that was around the back on the previous G Driver has been smoothed out.

Ping G400 Driver

The overall shape of the G400 head is also a little more rounded at the back than the G and the whole package looks better at address.

Ping G400 Driver

Also on the rear of the crown are some little dots that you can feel and you think might have some aerodynamic benefit, but I am afraid they are just cosmetic.

What does have an aerodynamic benefit are the Turbulators on the front of the crown that are there to reduce friction as the air goes over the head in order to speed it up.

Ping G400 Driver

These are now chunkier than they were before to have a little more effect and there are some technical images from wind tunnels that I have seen that show this. On this size of head they are growing on me more than on the smaller heads of the G400 fairway and G400 hybrid and I think visually they combine well with the Dragonfly design to give a subtle, contoured style.

Smaller heads move faster through the air than larger ones and according to Ping's numbers, the 445cc G400 driver is as aerodynamic as the G30 driver shrunk to 295cc, so that is a big improvement in two generations.

The other weight saver is the T9S+ Titanium Forged Face that is 6% thinner can therefore flex 16% more to increase ball speed by 1.2mph at a 105 mph swing speed.

Ping G400 Driver

With my slightly slower 100 mph swing on GC2 I was seeing about the same ball speed on a 10.5° head compared to the previous G Driver.

Ping G400 Driver

However the launch was up 0.8°, the peak height was up 4 yards and the descent angle was up 3°. However do not be alarmed because this is the design philosophy of all the G400 range to launch it higher with more ball speed to use that deeper CG for more forgiveness and the thinner face and crown to deflect more at impact to add launch.

Now clearly this is not working for me at 10.5°, so I used the Trajectory Tuning Technology 2.0 adjustable hosel (where would we be without three word technologies) to adjust the loft down 0.6° and then 1° on both clubs.

Ping G400 Driver

With the smaller change at effectively 9.9° I ran into the same issue, but at full adjustability of 9.5° the distance gains really kicked in as the straight flight delivered more ball speed, with less spin on the same launch as the G 10.5° but with a higher flight.

Ping G400 Driver

Essentially by de-lofting, the straighter face adds ball speed with less spin and the deeper CG increases the MOI and combines with the thinner crown and face which is deflecting more to add to the launch angle. 

It also changes the lie a little too, although the 'standard' neutral lie is 59°, 1° up from the 'average' quoted lie of 58°. Changing the loft to the small +/- of 0.6° drops it 1° below average to 57° and changing the loft to the big +/- of 1° drops the lie to 0.2° below average to 57.8°.

This could be too much information, but this is how these hosels work in every head as the change in loft also affects lie as the shaft receptor in the hosel is not bored straight in order to make the loft adjustable. This is entirely subjective, but for me I preferred the change in lie when I adjusted the loft away from 'neutral' for no other reason than it felt better.

So you can see here how playing with the initial head loft of 9° or 10.5° and the adjustable hosel to get the right launch conditions is the key to the G400 and that by having a higher launch, you can do down a little in loft that has the benefit of increasing ball speed, without losing forgiveness and possibly gaining some accuracy.

Ping G400 Driver

With both the last two models the delofting required has probably been minimal, but I would guess that if you have a G30 driver or older then you could be looking at coming down a degree or more in head loft and a Ping fitter can help you with this.

Ping G400 Driver

The deeper CG comes from the tungsten weight that is placed behind the gold screw weight that Ping use to modify the head weight during their custom fitting process.

Ping G400 Driver

The G400 gold weight is made from a 30% denser material than the previous G sole weight and as a result it is smaller and looks better too.

Ping G400 Driver

Like before there is also a G400 SF Tec option that uses Straight Flight Technology (more TWT) where the tungsten weight moves from the back of the sole towards the heel in order combined with a lighter D0 swing weight and allow the face to square more easily for those of us who have a little leakage to the right.

Ping G400 Driver

Available in 10° and 12° the SFT was first introduced in the G30 and I felt it was a really good option and it has been good to see that it has grown to become the biggest selling head option in the G driver range and I expect that to continue with the G400.

At the other end of the scale is the low spin LS Tec where the tungsten is moved forward in front of the gold weight to lose around 300 rpm spin from the 8.5° and 10° heads.

Ping G400 Driver

So as you can see there are a lot of loft and head options as well as two different lengths of the counterbalanced Alta CB shaft.

Ping G400 Driver

The standard length is 45.75 inches, but there is also a 'Tour Length' 45.25 inch shaft which may suit more golfers for better accuracy. Both come in a copper colour that morphs into black as you put the club down at address, which is a cool feature on this and all the other G400 woods.

However I have saved the best bit for last, because the Ping G400 is the best sounding and feeling G driver Ping has done for a while, quite possibly back even to the G2 and G5. It is a much lower pitched, richer sound that makes this one of the best sounding drivers in the market.

Ping G400 Driver

This has been achieved by using the same Dragonfly ribs on the inside of the head to not only provide additional stability, but also to modify the sound to caress your ears as you blast one into the atmosphere.

Every Ping G driver is good, a little bit better than the last through solid engineering, but with the improvement in looks and sound, the Ping G400 should go down as one of their best, so check it out.

Golfalot Rating:  5 stars



July / August Major Events

 July 17-23Catalina Course Closed for Tee and Fairway Aeration  
 July 24-30SaddleBrooke Course Closed for Tee and Fairway Aeration  
 Aug 16SMGA Partner's Event 7:30 am SG 
 Aug 21Catalina Course Closed for Greens Aeration  
 Aug 22Tucson Course Closed for Greens Aeration  
 Aug 23SaddleBrooke Course Closed for Greens Aeration  

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Weekly News From the Fairways

News From the Fairways

July 21, 2017 - Cultural Calendar Update

Sprinkler Installation on Tucson #6


                                 IRRIGATION UPDATE

Work on Phase 2 of the Irrigation Replacement Project continued this week. Here are some facts and dates regarding this project: 

--  Sprinkler head and lateral pipe installation on Catalina #6.  This hole will be closed or modified for this portion of the work

-- Mainline installation will move to the Catalina Course Holes 5-7

-- Please slow down and watch for workers

 -- 18 holes will remain open at all times

Thank you in advance for your cooperation on this important project

July Cultural Calendar

The summer cultural program will continue in July. Core aeration is an essential part of maintaining healthy turf grass.  The many benefits include; reduced compaction, reduced thatch, and better water and air movement into the root zone.  Below are the scheduled course closures for aeration in July: 

 Dates ClosedCourse 
July 17-23 Catalina Course 
 July 24-30SaddleBrooke Course 

Practice Facility Maintenance

The Practice Facility is closed on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 9 am to 10:30 am for maintenance.  This includes the short game area.  This schedule will run through September.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Summer Golf Course Walking Hours Are in Effect

Summer walking hours are being observed

Normal Walking Hours Remain in Effect on the Tucson Course·   

All walkers must be off of the courses by 7am

·       Evening walking is only available after 6pm


·       Golfers always have the right of way

·       All pets must be on a leash

·       Please clean-up after your pets

·       Please refer to the weekly walking schedule for additional course availability

Gate System Suspended for the Summer - All Courses 

Open to Regular Cart Traffic


Fairways, Tees and Roughs - Use Sand Only Please


Each week this email will provide a 7 day calendar for the available walking times for each golf course.  Walking maps are available in the SaddleBrooke One Golf Shop or SaddleBrooke One Administration Office.  

Changes from the normal times are  highlighted in yellow.

Pocket copies of the schedule may be picked up in the Communications Center (main level of the Clubhouse, across from the elevator), The Fitness Center, and the communications kiosk at the hostess station in the Road Runner Grill.


Please remember to stay on the cart path at all times and clean up after your pets. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Click the Blue Button above for the walking course schedule.  

Thank you for your cooperation!

gavel New Local Rule for 2017

New Local Rule for 2017


When a player’s ball lies on the putting green, there is no penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent, or any of their caddies or equipment.

The moved ball or ball-marker must be replaced as provided in Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1.

This Local Rule applies only when the player’s ball or ball-marker lies on the putting green and any movement is accidental.

Note: If it is determined that a player’s ball on the putting green was moved as a result of wind, water or some other natural cause such as the effects of gravity, the ball must be played as it lies from its new location.  A ball-marker moved in such circumstances is replaced.

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