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 May 26th, 2023
All Courses and Practice Areas Open on Monday, May 29th

    SaddleBrooke Course Update

    The golf maintenance team has had a productive week on the SaddleBrooke course. All greens, tees and fairways received solid tine aeration. The fairways received the first application of sand for the summer. What you can expect when the course re-opens.

    - Slower Green Speeds
    -Greens will be a little bumpy still
    -Wet course conditions
    -Course transitioning from Rye to Bermuda
    -Weak Transition Areas

    Transition Update
    Weak Transition Area

    Transition of the golf courses from cool season Rye grass back to the warm season bermuda grass continues. The wet and cool winter has lead to some areas not transitioning very well this spring. There are always going to be areas that struggle a little more than others coming out of transition. Overall we are very pleased with the bermuda activity that we are seeing on the golf courses.  Over the next 3 weeks the golf maintenance team will be addressing the worst transition areas with sod. Thank you for your patience during the transition process. 

    2023 Summer/Fall Cart Rules In Effect 

    Cart Traffic Update

    • Entry Gates will be suspended for the summer
    • Exit gates will remain for the summer
    • All carts have access to the rough 
    • Only 2 carts are allowed on the turf at one time, switching carts throughout the hole is allowed.
    • The carts exiting the turf near the green must use the exit gates
    • No cart zones will remain in place  (marked by yellow line)
    • Some holes may be closed to some or all traffic
    • Please follow all posted signage
    • All cart restrictions are based up playability and turf conditions
    • Thank you in advance for your cooperation
      Click Here  for a printable version of the Summer 2023 cart rules

    "No Cart Zone" Reminders


    Example of "No Cart Zone" on Catalina #1

    "No Cart Zones" are in effect on all courses open to cart traffic  

    As cart traffic returns to the courses after overseeding the "No Cart Zones" will also be returning.  All cart traffic is restricted in these areas.  These areas will provide a visual yellow line that should not be crossed by any golf cart, including      "Medical Flag Carts" .   This system will improve on course safety and course conditioning.


    * A yellow line will designate the "NO CART ZONE" on each hole

    * The gates must still be used by all carts

    * Fairway cart signs should still be used as the proper location to exit the fairway and return to the cart path

    *Sad #2, Cat #5, Cat #6, and Cat #8 will not have lines due to limited space and/or steep slopes.  All carts should remain on the path when around these specific green complexes or holes if it is a par 3

    Thank you for your cooperation as we work to improve golf course safety and enhance course conditioning.

    Remember To Do Your Part


    Fore The Golfer: How To Repair Ball Marks - YouTube


    Summer Walking Hours In Effect

    - Summer Walking Hours:

    BEFORE 7:00 am


    AFTER 6 pm

    -For your safety please follow all posted signage.


       Golfers always have the right of way

    Please walk on the paths, do not walk down fairways or across greens.

    ·        All pets must be on a leash

    ·        Please clean-up after your pets, the trash cans on the golf course are not to be used to dispose of pet waste.

    ·        Please refer to the weekly walking schedule for additional course availability

    Weekly Walking Schedule

    Please click on the blue button for this week's schedule

    Practice Facility Maintenance

    Practice from the grass is based on turf conditions.  The Practice Facility will close every Monday and Wednesday from 9:00am to 10:30am for maintenance.  This includes the short game area.
    Maintenance Hours: Monday 9:00 am - 10:30 am
                                             Wednesday 9:00 am - 10:30 am

    2023 Summer Course Closure Schedule
     Course Date Closed Date Re-Open
     Catalina Monday, June 19th Monday, July 3rd
     Tucson Monday, July 3rd Monday, July 17th
     Main Putting Green Monday, July 3rd Monday, July 17th
     SaddleBrooke Monday, July 17th Monday, July 31st
     Lower Putting & Chipping Green Monday, July 17th Monday, July 31st
    2023 Over-Seed Dates
    The following dates are when the courses will be closed for the over-seed process this year. As we get closer to over-seed time we will determine the order the courses will be over-seeded.
     Course Date Closed Date Re-Open
     Course 1 Monday, September 18th Monday, October 9th
     Course 2 Monday, September 25th Monday, October 16th
     Course 3 Monday, October 2nd Monday, October 23rd