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  March 20, 2020

In an continuing effort to adjust to the current situation regarding the COVID-19 Virus, a few temporary adjustments have been made to golf procedures.  These are in place to maintain community safety while continuing to offer the ability to utilize the golf courses here at SaddleBrooke One. 

  • An adjustment has been made to the cups on the greens. We have added a piece of pvc pipe to the bottom of the cup. The pvc pipe will keep golf balls toward the top of the cup. This will allow golfers to retrieve their ball without having to touch the flag stick, as well as reaching their whole hand inside the cup. With this in place we encourage golfers to leave the pin in at all times to ensure everyone's safety.


PVC Pipe shown in cup

  •  The practice green flagsticks have been removed. 
  •  Ball washers will be removed from the courses. Please carry an extra towel with you if you normally utilize the ball washers on the course.
  •  Bunker rakes have been removed from the course. Maintenance staff will groom the bunkers in the morning and periodically throughout the day.
Temporary Local Rule - Free Relief from disturbed or un-raked areas of bunkers
The Following Local Rule is now in Effect:
 When your golf ball comes to rest inside or resting up against a bunker; and the ball lies in an old footprint, un-raked spot or in a disturbed area of the bunker.
 Player may now - - With No Penalty Strokes
  1. Mark the ball where it lies in the "disturbed" area of the bunker
  2. Pick up the ball
  3. Player may clean the ball
  4. Player may then "place" the ball in an undisturbed or smooth part of the bunker, behind or adjacent to the original marked spot; No Closer To The Hole
  5. Placement of the ball must remain in the bunker; may not change playing surfaces (placed on grass is not allowed)
  6. Ball is now in play; No Penalty Free Relief


Seed has been removed from all divot mix

Starting Now: All divots can be filled with mix from any of the divot boxes on the course

-Your existing mix can still be used to fill divots on tees and fairways

- Containers are located on the first tee of all courses for disposal of old divot mix

Normal Walking Hours Are In Effect

- Normal Walking Hours:



AFTER 6 pm

-For your safety please follow all posted signage.


  Golfers always have the right of way

·      All pets must be on a leash

·      Please clean-up after your pets

·      Please refer to the weekly walking schedule for additional course availability

Weekly Walking Schedule

Please click on the blue button for this week's schedule

Cart Traffic Update - Regular Cart Traffic Allowed on all courses

    • Regular cart traffic allowed on all 3 courses
    • Some holes will remain closed to regular traffic
    • Medical flag carts will have access to all holes
    • All carts must use the "Gate System"
    • All cart restriction decisions are based on course playability and turf conditions
    • Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience

Gate System Reminders:

    • All carts must use the gates, including MEDICAL FLAG CARTS
    • Keep the cart on the path until reaching the entry gate
    • Remain on the overseeded fairway until reaching the exit gate
    • Only MEDICAL FLAG CARTS have access to the rough
    • Avoid the temptation to drive right to the first ball and wait to enter at the entry gate
    • Keep the cart on the path after leaving the exit gate
    • Follow all posted cart signs
    • Some holes may be closed periodically based on turf conditions

Practice Facility Maintenance:

The Practice Facility is open for practice from the grass tee.  Practice from the grass is based on turf conditions.  The Practice Facility will close every Monday and Wednesday from 10am to 11:30am for maintenance.  This includes the short game area.