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  January 24, 2020

- Course Marking Reminders -

Last year the USGA and the R&A introduced the most comprehensive revision to the rules of golf since 1984.  Many of these rule changes have been incorporated into the course markings over the last year.  Here is a refresher on one of the new ways the golf course is currently marked.

1. No Play Penalty Areas - Will are marked by a red stake with a green top.  Balls that come to rest in these areas must not be played as they lie, and golfers must take relief, as if it is a red staked penalty area, with a one stroke penalty, under Rule 17.1d or 17.2.  The penalty for playing a ball from any No Play Penalty Area is a two stroke General Penalty under Rule 14.7a.


  • SaddleBrooke #9 - Behind the hole, the line between green and chipping green.  The OB poles have been restored between the left side and the practice range and re-positioned
  • Tucson #6 - The concrete culvert along the left side
  • Tucson #9 - Behind the green, the line between the green and the practice green
  • Catalina #5 and #6 - The concrete culvert, including the second concrete bridge and and the wooden bridge

Rules Resources: 

No Cart Zone Reminders

"No Cart Zones" are in effect on all courses open to cart traffic 

Please remember that all cart traffic must use the gates.  If you need to go up to the yellow line you must then return to the gate to exit the fairway and onto the cart path. This allows maintenance staff the ability to move traffic patterns as needed. These rules are in place to preserve playing conditions and ensure on course safety for everyone. 


* A yellow line will designate the "NO CART ZONE" on each hole

* The gates must still be used by all carts

* Fairway cart signs should still be used as the proper location to exit the fairway and return to the cart path

*Sad #2, Cat #5, Cat #6, and Cat #8 will not have lines due to limited space and/or steep slopes.  All carts should remain on the path when around these specific green complexes or holes if it is a par 3

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to improve golf course safety and enhance course conditioning.

Frost Delay Information

Cooler weather has arrived and with it comes the need for frost delays.  Frost delays are necessary to protect the turf grass from damage and limit exposure to unsafe conditions on the courses.  Please use the frost delay hotline to receive daily updates on potential delays.

Frost Delay Hotline: 825-2505 (option 1)

After 7 am

Divot Mix Reminders

Sand and Seed Mix

-Available in all of the small boxes

-Should be used in all fairway and tee divots only

-Remember to carry your divot bottle with you to the fairway

Straight Sand

-Available in all large concrete boxes

-Should be used to fill divots in the rough

Cart Traffic Update - Regular Cart Traffic Allowed on all courses

  • Regular cart traffic allowed on all 3 courses
  • Some holes will remain closed to regular traffic
  • Medical flag carts will have access to all holes
  • All carts must use the "Gate System"
  • All cart restriction decisions are based on course playability and turf conditions
  • Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience

Gate System Reminders:

  • All carts must use the gates, including MEDICAL FLAG CARTS
  • Keep the cart on the path until reaching the entry gate
  • Remain on the overseeded fairway until reaching the exit gate
  • Only MEDICAL FLAG CARTS have access to the rough
  • Avoid the temptation to to drive right to the first ball and wait to enter at the entry gate
  • Keep the cart on the path after leaving the exit gate
  • Follow all posted cart signs
  • Some holes may be closed periodically based on turf conditions

Winter Walking Hours In Effect

- Winter Walking Hours:




Holes #1 and #2 5:00 pm

Holes #3 and #4 5:15 pm

Holes #5 and #6 5:30 pm

Holes #7 thru #9 5:45 pm

-For your safety please follow all posted signage.

  Golfers always have the right of way

·      All pets must be on a leash

·      Please clean-up after your pets

·      Please refer to the weekly walking schedule for additional course availability

Weekly Walking Schedule

Please click on the blue button for this week's schedule

Practice Facility Maintenance:

The Practice Facility is open for practice from the grass tee.  Practice from the grass is based on turf conditions.  The Practice Facility will close every Monday and Wednesday from 10am to 11:30am for maintenance.  This includes the short game area.