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 March 5th, 2021

A New Month...Another Round of Cultural Practices
Fairway Slicing

As we turn the calendar to March, the golf maintenance team will be performing more cultural practices on the golf courses. The golf maintenance team will be slicing fairways and greens along with solid tine aeration on the tee boxes. These practices are to help with water and air infiltration into the soil profile. These practices also help in promoting over-seeded Bermuda grass coming out of dormancy. 

New Cup Inserts
New Cup Insert

I received a couple samples of a new cup insert this week, that may be a viable option for the courses at SaddleBrooke One. They have been placed on the SaddleBrooke course. We are looking for your feedback on the new cup insert. Do you prefer the foam cup insert or the new plastic cup insert? 

GCM Renovation Update
Before                          After
Offices on South End of Building
New Addition to North End of Building

Progress continues on the GCM facility renovation. The offices on the south end of the building were painted this past week. New lighting was also installed in the offices. Work continues on the block walls for the addition on the north end of the building.  
Social Distancing
Signs have been placed around the practice facilities to remind everyone about social distancing while using these areas.  

In an continuing effort to adjust to the current situation regarding the COVID-19 Virus, temporary adjustments have been made to golf procedures.  These are in place to maintain community safety while continuing to offer the ability to utilize the golf courses here at SaddleBrooke One.

  • Foam insert in the cups on greens.
  • Practice Green flag sticks have been removed.
  • Practice Green cups have been installed upside down.
  • Ballwashers have been removed.
  • Par 3 divot boxes have been removed.
  • Scoops in the big divot boxes have been removed.
  • 4 Carts allowed per group, only 2 carts allowed on the turf.
  • E-mail/Starter check in and house account authorization. 
  • Bunker rakes have been removed. 

    Temporary Local Rule; Ball coming to Rest in Bunkers

    Effective March 22nd, 2020 - Until Further Notice

    Please click here to read the Temporary Local Rule for Bunkers

Gate System Reminders:

  • Keep the cart on the cart path until reaching the entry gate.
  • The carts driving on the fairway must use the gate system, including   MEDICAL FLAG CARTS. 
  • Only 2 carts allowed on the fairway.
  • If you are one of the carts not driving on the fairway, your cart must remain on the cart path. NO TRAFFIC IN THE ROUGH
  • Carts are to remain on the fairway until reaching the exit gate.  NO TRAFFIC IN THE ROUGH
  • Only   MEDICAL  FLAG CARTS  have access to the rough
  • Only  MEDICAL FLAG CARTS  have the ability to switch positions throughout the hole
  • Avoid the temptation to to drive right to the first ball and wait to enter at the entry gate
  • Keep the cart on the path after leaving the exit gate
  • Follow all posted cart signs
  • Some holes may be closed periodically based on turf conditions

- Please  Click Here  for a printable version of the 2020/21   Winter Cart Rules


Divot Mix Reminders

Sand and Seed Mix

-Available in all of the small boxes

-Should be used in all fairway and tee divots only

-Remember to carry your divot bottle with you to the fairway

Straight Sand

-Available in all large concrete boxes

-Available in the round containers by the bathrooms on SaddleBrooke and Catalina 

-Should be used to fill divots in the rough

Normal Walking Hours Now In Effect

- Normal Walking Hours:



AFTER 6 pm

-For your safety please follow all posted signage.


   Golfers always have the right of way

Please walk on the paths, do not walk down fairways or across greens.

·        All pets must be on a leash

·        Please clean-up after your pets, the trash cans on the golf course are not to be used to dispose of pet waste.

·        Please refer to the weekly walking schedule for additional course availability

Weekly Walking Schedule

Please click on the blue button for this week's schedule

Practice Facility Maintenance:

The Practice Facility is open for practice from the grass tee.  Practice from the grass is based on turf conditions.  The Practice Facility will close every Monday and Wednesday from 10:00am to 11:30am for maintenance.  This includes the short game area.
Maintenance Hours: Monday 10:00 am - 11:30 am
                                          Wednesday 10:00 am - 11:30 am