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October 18, 2019  

- SaddleBrooke course and Practice Facility Re-open Monday - 

- Walking Restrictions During Overseed - 

2019 Overseed Continues......

First cut on SaddleBrooke #5

 The SaddleBrooke Course and Practice Facility will re-open as scheduled on Monday, October 21st. The Catalina Course remains closed.  Please see the schedule below for additional opening dates.

What to expect when SaddleBrooke and the Practice Facility Re-opens next week:

- Cart Path Only to allow the new Ryegrass adequate time to establish prior to regular cart traffic

- Soft conditions due to the frequent irrigation required for Ryegrass establishment.

- Higher than normal mowing heights as the Ryegrass continues it's establishment process.  Mowing heights will be adjusted as the new Ryegrass matures.

- Slower than normal green speeds due to a higher height of cut in preparation for cooler temperatures.  Green speeds will increase with cooler weather and slower Bermuda growth.

- Practice range use will be from the artificial turf only

 Course Closes Re-opens
 Main PG's and Tucson Course OPEN Oct. 14th 
 Practice Facility and SaddleBrooke Course CLOSED  Oct. 21st
 Catalina PG and Catalina Course CLOSED Oct. 28th 

Each course will be closed for 3 weeks for this process.  The preparations are designed to limit the injury to the Bermuda grass while also adequately preparing the seed bed for Perennial Rye-grass germination.  Each course will be cart path only for several weeks following re-opening to allow the new Rye-grass an opportunity to establish and mature enough for regular cart traffic.  The seed blend this year is very similar to last year and has been chosen for it's cool weather growth, establishment, and dark green color.  

Divot Mix Reminders

Sand and Seed Mix

-Available in all of the small boxes

-Should be used in all fairway and tee divots only

-Remember to carry your divot bottle with you to the fairway

Straight Sand

-Available in all large concrete boxes

-Should be used to fill divots in the rough

Cart Traffic Update - Cart Path Only

  • All holes will be Cart Path Only when Tucson opens on Monday
  • No traffic is allowed on the turf at this time 
  • All cart restriction decisions are based on course playability and turf conditions
  • Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience

Reminder: Courses will be Closed to walkers during a portion of the Overseeding Process

-Catalina Course is closed to all walkers and other traffic until 10/20/19

- The SaddleBrooke Course is open to walkers before 8am and after 6pm

- The Tucson Course is open to walkers before 8am and after 6pm

-For your safety please follow all posted signage.

Please Note New AM Walking Times:

All walkers must be off of the courses by 8am

Evening Walking is available after 6pm

  Golfers always have the right of way

·      All pets must be on a leash

·      Please clean-up after your pets

·      Please refer to the weekly walking schedule for additional course availability

Weekly Walking Schedule

Please click on the blue button for this week's schedule

Practice Facility Maintenance:

The Practice Facility is closed for overseeding.  It is scheduled to re-open on Monday, Oct. 21st.  Practice initially will be from the artificial tee line only.