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February 15, 2019 
Additional Penalty Area on Catalina - Cup Liners

Additional Course Marking Changes Have Been Made to Catalina Course

The USGA and the R&A have introduced the most comprehensive revision to the rules of golf since 1984.  The SaddleBrooke One Golf Committee and Management have approved additional changes to the golf course markings based on the new rules of golf.  These changes have been made to improve pace of play and ensure golfer safety. 

The following change was completed this week: 

Additional Penalty Areas - Will be marked with a red stakes like other Penalty Areas.  Penalty areas will be added to improve pace of play and remove some steep slopes and difficult desert areas from play.


  • Catalina 3/4/9:  Beginning on the right of Catalina #3 Green, the perimeter of the desert area extending along the right side of Catalina #9 fairway and concluding to the right of Catalina #4 tee

Questions regarding these changes can be directed to Head Golf Professional, Troy Jewkes or members of the SaddleBrooke One Golf Committee.  Additional course marking changes may be made as the Committee gets more familiar with the new Rules and the USGA's new guidelines on course marking, including their effect on course rating.

New Rules Resources: 

Cup Liners - Why we use them?

The cup liners sit above the actual cup in the space between the cup and the surface of the putting greens.  We began using these liners several years ago.  The liners maintain the integrity of the edge of the cup during the winter months and provide improved visibility of the hole location.  The combination of limited growth during  the winter months and the horizontal growth habit of Mini Verde Bermuda can cause leaf blades to be removed from one side of the cup during normal use.  The cup liners help prevent this leaf blade loss and provide a crisp edge. On occasion the liners can be moved upward from flag stick removal.  Please use caution when removing the flag stick from the cup.  Please contact golf staff if you encounter an issue with the liners on the courses.

Cart Traffic Update

  • Regular cart traffic is allowed on all courses 
  • Some holes will remain closed to all traffic
  • Some holes will only be open for  RED FLAG CARTS
  • The Gate System must be used by all carts
  • Please follow all posted signs
  • All cart restriction decisions are based on course playability and turf conditions
  • Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience

Gate System Reminders:

  • All carts must use the gates, including RED FLAG CARTS
  • Keep the cart on the path until reaching the entry gate
  • Remain on the overseeded fairway until reaching the exit gate
  • Only RED FLAG CARTS have access to the rough
  • Avoid the temptation to to drive right to the first ball and wait to enter at the entry gate
  • Keep the cart on the path after leaving the exit gate
  • Follow all posted cart signs
  • Some holes may be closed periodically based on turf conditions

Frost Delay Information

Cooler weather has arrived and with it comes the possibility of frost delays.  Frost delays are sometimes needed to protect the turf grass from damage and limit exposure to unsafe conditions on the courses.  Please use the frost delay hotline to receive daily updates on potential delays.

Frost Delay Hotline: 825-2505 (option 1)

After 7 am

Divot Mix Reminders

Sand and Seed Mix

-Available in all of the small boxes

-Should be used in all fairway and tee divots only

-Remember to carry your divot bottle with you to the fairway

Straight Sand

-Available in all large concrete boxes

-Should be used to fill divots in the rough

Winter Walking Hours Are In Effect

·All walkers must be off of the courses by 8am

Evening Walking is available as follows:

Holes #1 and #2 at 5:00pm

Holes #3 and #4 at 5:15pm

Holes #5 and #6 at 5:30pm

Holes #7 thru #9 at 5:45pm

  Golfers always have the right of way

·      All pets must be on a leash

·      Please clean-up after your pets

·      Please refer to the weekly walking schedule for additional course availability

Weekly Walking Schedule

Please click on the blue button for this week's schedule

Practice Facility Maintenance

The Practice Facility will be closing every Monday and Wednesday from 10am thru 11:30 am for maintenance.